Basic kitchen improvement ideas

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Changing your old kitchen countertop can be a fast and simple method to offer your kitchen area a renovation. If you have the budget for it, you can have it stripped off and changed with a spanking new granite or Silestone kitchen counter. These expense about $50 $ 100 each square foot, are very easy to keep, and also can be found in a range of shades and also patterns. Nonetheless, if you do not have allocate this, after that you could go with a laminated kitchen area countertop instead, which by the way, you could work with if you are a DIYer. It is lightweight, and also you can also utilize it on an existing counter top. You could even handle the laminate material alone because its thickness is a plain sixteenth of an inch. Before installing it to an existing kitchen counter with old laminate, the surface area first has to be prepped.

Initially, strip the kitchen countertop of its old laminate. Eliminate the old glue likewise by applying glue stripping chemicals at your neighborhood hardware shop. Next, sand the wood surface to make it even and to remove any kind of bumps that could interfere with the proper installment of the laminate board. When this is done, you could after that uses a fresh coat of glue on the surface. You ought to have the ability to locate the right kind of glue for this specific project. Keep the glue layer slim, even, and also without bubbles. In order to kitchen facelifts help you with this action, you can use an adhesive spreader.

See to it that the adhesive covers even the edges of the kitchen counter top. This is to assure that the laminate will not get peeled off from the corners. If it does, the area in between the laminate and the counter top could be exposed to dampness, causing it to ultimately come loose. To flatten the laminate onto the surface and also ensure that it adheres to the adhesive evenly, you could take advantage of a heavy roller. If a few of the adhesive seeps at the sides, you could wipe this off conveniently before it sets. Again, laminate is but among the several products you can use for a Kitchen Countertop facelift, but it is just one of the most convenient to set up. Various other products are wood, the good old kitchen area floor tiles, or stainless steel. But in addition to not being DIY friendly, they are additionally quite expensive.


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